University Committee on Student Affairs (UCSA)

Friday, October 22, 2010

150 Student Services Building

8:30 – 9:45 a.m.


Members Present: Kara Spencer, David Hodge, Kathy Petroni, Kyle Pressley, Caytlin Roy, Christopher Schotten, Steve Marino, Michael Ly, Stan Soffin, Denise Maybank, Lee June, Rick Shafer




1.             Approval of the Agenda

1.   Motion Petroni

2.   Second Pressley

3.   Approved


2.             Approval of the Minutes

1.   Motion Pressley

2.   Second Marino

3.   Approved


3.             Report from Executive Committee on Academic Council

1.   Student Life Transition

a.   President Simon spoke of the Department of Student Life transition in light of Dr. June stepping down. There will be an immense restructuring of the Department involving pieces of Dr. Junes title (Associate Provost) returning to the Provost’s Office.

                2. Anti-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policies

a. President Simon recommended forming a workgroup to review ADP/SHP Policies. UCSA will need to send a representative for the workgroup.

b. Steve Marino will represent UCSA.


4.             Report from Faculty Council

1.   The Council reviewed MSU’s progress over the past few decades.


5.             Review of Non-Academic Hearing Board Codes of Operations

1.   Student-Faculty Hearing Board

a. Rick Shafer worked with Kristine Zayko to merge and standardize older codes.

b. SFHB codes will have to be approved by the ASMSU Student Assembly.

c. Issues were raised regarding the use of temporary restraining actions by the . Article 8 of the AFR discusses temporary restraining actions. However, these restraining actions, under the AFR, only apply to student groups, MGGs, and Administrative Units. Some members believe that the AFR does not vest such powers within the SFHB. However, the language was the result of an ASMSU Student Defenders recommendation and was crafted by Kristine Zayko. Revisions addressing timeliness of proceedings will be emailed to UCSA members prior to the next meeting for review

2.   AUSB

a. Cases arising before October 15th will be under the old AFR and new cases will be under the new AFR.


6.             State of Student Counseling Services – Dr. Collins-Eaglin

1.  Counseling Services is seeing more students than ever before. From August 15th to date, CS is up 20% from last year. If this trend continues, CS expects to see an average of 84 or 85 students per week. This increase can be credited to an increase in outreach strategies in light of CS receiving a federal grant advocating for suicide prevention. The outreach especially targets first year students since they are the most susceptible. Half of first year students that seek help for suicide are hospitalized. A study showed that 50% of first year students are well; however, 50% of the sample space reported troubles. CS has seen an increase in clinical depression despite a higher percentage of individuals viewing one seeking therapy as weak. 40% of students reported that emotional problems have impaired their academic performance. Naturally, this number is quite alarming for CS. CS believes these increases can be the result of the struggling economy in Michigan. To increase outreach, CS will be forming a social marketing plan as well. In regards to crisis counseling, crisis counselors are available MT:8am-7pm and WThF: 8am-5pm. Mentors will undergo training (paid for by a grant), and RSOs have the opportunity to earn $500 by completing suicide prevention and awareness training. CS will look into a correlation between a Fall Break and suicide. The increases in numbers can also be attributed to an improved relationship between CS and Res Life. Further, CS has shifted from a private practice model to a public health model which entails more outreach.


7.             Gender Neutral Housing – Paul Goldblatt

1. Gender Neutral Housing entails assigning housing assignments regardless of gender. It is important to understand that this is not just an LGBTA issue – it is a student issue. Primarily East and West Coast schools have employed such policies. In crafting such policies, we should use the utmost caution. Wesleyan in Connecticut addressed the issue too quickly and it backfired. Some schools even use coed bathrooms. RHA and Alliance met with VP June. They will be looking at other schools to review their policies. A recommendation to the President will need to be made by the end of the semester, and the President will most likely make a decision by the end of the school year. The recommendation will most likely entail Gender Neutral Housing being available on a floor by floor basis. In response to parents, Res Life will be employing standard procedures.


8.             Possible Agenda Items for the Next Meeting

1. Consolidation of Res Life and Campus Living


9.             Roundtable

1. Chris Schotten, on behalf of ASMSU, invited all members to the Fall Higher Education Rally at the Capitol. The event will start at 1 p.m.

2. Rick Shafer invited all members to the Men’s Health Expo. The event will be the following Wednesday in the Union at 11am.


10.          Adjournment

                1. Motion Petroni

                2. Second Spencer

                3. Approved at 10:01 a.m.